Just like how industrial power supplies are important to ensure a well-functioning IT system, so also it is important to monitor users on a network to ensure optimum performance from employees. Apart from industrial monitoring, private and domestic networks can also be monitored and the users can be mapped. The program which monitors, records and observes internet activity is called a network monitor. There are two types of network monitors free programs and paid programs. Needless to say, both have their own sets of pros and cons therefore it is essential to compare them well before deciding on one. Generally, paid programs function more effectively than free programs.

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A lot of people in the business world generally do not care much about network monitoring and nor do they give much thought to it. This is a notion that should be done away with because network monitoring serves as one's eyes and ears in one's absence because it is not practical to stay glued to a computer screen all day just to keep an eye on the employees. The network monitor program would alert and notify you about any issues pertaining to your network. It is true that this kind of program is extremely useful because it allows one to keep track of almost everything that pertains to one's network from contract due dates to hard drive space to software installations.

If you want to have a proactive IT department in your company then you should set up top notch network monitoring systems which provide constant alerts via text messages and emails. This helps in keeping one on top of issues that could possibly pose a problem. It also allows one to tackle such issues in a timely manner in order to prevent them from turning into massive issues, after all, a stitch in time saves nine. In other words, a good network monitor facilitates proactive problem solving.

Every network is different, therefore the reasons for employing the use of a network monitor would be different for different companies too! However, there are some common reasons as to why people employ such programs. One of the most popular reason is to monitor software programs and this does not just involve keeping track of the programs that are being installed and uninstalled on the computers but also things like keeping track of the installations, finding out the expiry dates of the licenses, making sure all computers are protected by antivirus software and so on.

Why should you keep the users of your network mapped? Well, by doing this you can have the much desired peace of mind knowing that the security on your network is tight. Thus, users won't be able to breach the security and you will also be able to maintain good performance on your computer. When you monitor your network you will be able to have control over your user's internet usage because you can analyze traffic, prevent programs like Trojan from siphoning information and manage other threats. Thus, if you don't have a network monitor already then it is high time you get one because you will stand to gain a lot from it.